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Spray valve AV-800 series
Spray valve AV-800 series

The AV-800 series spray valve is mainly used for the spray coating of medium and low viscosity fluids (medical solvents, activators, three anti-paints, etc.). The series includes: AV-810, AV-811, AV-820 and AV-830. Modular design is adopted, and the valve body is universal. Only need to replace the needle, nozzle and the corresponding accessories can realize the interchange between the series.

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● Atomized process for wide viscosity range from 1 to 20,000cPs offers versatility for virtually any spray application

● Stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility

● Adjustment with lock nut

● Divorced valve design prevents contamination of the air section

● Compatible with all commercially available conformal coatings


● Dimensions(LxDxH): 26mmx26mmx104/119/132/152mm

● Net weight: about 400g

● Valve open air pressure:Min. 0.4MPa

● Fluid pressure: Max. 2MPa

● Working frequency:Max. 400 times/minute

● Body material: stainless steel

● Fluid sealing ring material: UPE

● Min. atomization width: 6mm/2mm/0.5mm

● Feeding connector thread: Rc 1/8

Typical application

● Three anti-paint喷雾阀AV-8xx系列

● Solvent

● Activator

● Protective agent

● Grease


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