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High pressure needle valve AV-350
High pressure needle valve AV-350

AV-350 is a high flow piston valve used for middle to high viscosity adhesive and high working pressure. It can work under high pressure and has high suck back to break tail easily.

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Detail intruduction:


● Adjustable back suction,glue break clean

● Carbide needle, wear-resistant

● Easy to maintain


● Dimensions(DxHxL): 30mmx30mmx135mm

● Net weight: 720g

● Valve open air pressure: Min. 0.4MPa

● Fluid pressure: Max. 20MPa

● Working frequency: Max. 400 times/minute

● Body material: stainless steel

● Needle material: hard alloy steel

● Fluid sealing ring material: UPE

● Feeding connector thread: Rc 1/4

● Air inlet connector thread: M5

Typical application

● RTV silicone

● Grease

● Thermal grease

● Sealant


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