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Pneumatic jet dispensing valve AV-1200
Pneumatic jet dispensing valve AV-1200

AV-1200 is a high-speed non-contact jet dispensing valve, which suitable for various common glues such as epoxy, UV, silicone, acrylic, conductive glue, etc., .Compared with piezoelectric jet valve,its maintenance cost is low, and it is more suitable for some applications that do not require too high dispensing frequency and relatively large single dot weight.

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◆ Non-contact dispensing, z-axis motion was eliminated

◆ High speed jetting, up to 280 dots per second

◆ High accuracy, high repeatability

◆ Capable of handling most commonly used fluids

◆ Wide range of viscosity

◆ User friendly operation, easy cleaning

◆ Min. dot size of approx. 200um

◆ Extended long service life by the design optimization

◆ Exceptionally low cost of ownership

◆ Jet-on-the-fly function available when used with AJC-20 controller



● Dimensions(LxDXH) 76mmx59mmx130mm

● Net weight: 0.6Kg

● Working Frequency: Max.280Hz

● Minimum dispensing diameter: 0.2mm

● Nozzle diameter: 0.05mm to 0.6mm

● Valve open air pressure: Min.0.6MPa

● Heating temperature: Max.100℃

Can be used with controller AJC-20 or control board AJC-10B (can be integrated into the equipment)

AJC-20 Specifications

● Dimensions(LxDxH): 242mmx304mmx98mm气动喷射阀AV-1200

● Net weight: 3.7kg

● Power: 220V±10%/50Hz

● Air pressure input: Min. 0.6Mpa

● Air pressure output: 0~0.7Mpa

● Trigger input: 24V pulse or short circuit signal

● Valve open/close time: 0.1ms~999.9ms

● Cycle times: 1~9,999

● Temperature tolerance: ±1℃

● Communication interface: RS232

Typical applications

● Flip-chip and BGA underfill (Underfill)气动喷射阀AV-1200

● Die bonding

● Conformal Coating

● Camera module lens fixing

● Encapsulation

● Surface Mounted Package

● Fingerprint recognition module

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