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Screw valve AV-3000
Screw valve AV-3000

AV-3000 is a precision screw valve. The core components are made of high-precision hardened tool steel and fully closed-loop control can achieve high-precision and high-consistency dispensing. The special design for solder paste makes it can achieve continuous, stable and accurate solder paste dispensing.

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Detail intruduction:


● Special designed for solder paste dispensing

● High precision servo to volume control 

● Minimum dot size: 0.15mm

● Minimum line width: 0.16mm

● User friendly operation, easy cleaning


● Dimensions(LxDxH): 81mmx21mmx186mm

● Net weight: 0.42Kg

● Max. screw speed: 1200 rpm

● Min. dot size: 150μm

● Screw material: hard alloy steel

● Cavity material: hard alloy steel

● Body material: aluminum alloy

● Drived by AC Servo & precision reducer

Need to be used with controller AJC-30.

AJC-30 Specifications

● Dimensions (LxDxH): 242mmx304mmx98mm螺杆阀AV-3000

● Net weight: 4Kg

● Power: 220V±10%/50HZ

● Air pressure output: 0~0.3Mpa

● Screw speed range: 0~1200 rpm

● Range of suction speed: 0~1200 rpm

● Trigger input: 24V pulse signal

● Communication interface: RS232

Typical application

● Shielding cover dispensing solder paste螺杆阀AV-3000

● MEMS dispensing solder paste

● Camera module dispensing solder paste

● Connector dispensing solder paste

● Thermal grease

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