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Syringe dispensing controller AC-80
Syringe dispensing controller AC-80

AC-80 adopts screen LCD display, membrane button to set dispensing time, digital display pressure value, built-in gas tank, can complete high-precision, high-consistency dispensing control.

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Detail intruduction:


● High precision

● High consistency


● Dimensions(LxDxH): 200mmx230mmx88mm

● Net weight: 3Kg

● Power: 110~240V AC, 50/60 Hz

● Trigger input: TRIG button or passive switch signal

● Air pressure input: ≤0.7Mpa

● Air pressure output: 0~0.7MPa

● Dispensing mode: timing (TIMED), manual (MANUAL)

● Time setting range: 0.01~99.99 s with an accuracy of 0.01s

● Dispensing cycle range: 0.01~99.99 s with an accuracy of 0.01s

● Working frequency: Max.1000 times/minute

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