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Double syringe needle valve for hot-melt adhesive AV-360HM
Double syringe needle valve for hot-melt adhesive AV-360HM

AV-360HM is a contact needle valve for hot-melt adhesive, which can heat two 30CC hot melt glues at the same time.It is mainly used for bonding electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

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● Contact needle valve, different glue widths can be achieved by choosing different needles

● The two cylinders are heated at the same time, and the glue supply can be switched manually, reducing the time for changing glue in the production process

Technical specifications

● Dimensions(LxDxH): 230mmx112mmx92.5mm双针筒热熔胶撞针阀AV-360HM

● Net weight: 1.95kg

● Valve open air pressure: Min. 0.5MPa

● Nozzle diameter: 0.2mm to 0.6mm

● Fluid pressure: Max.0.5Mpa

● Heating temperature: Max. 160℃

Typical application

● Mobile phone frame

● Tablet PC

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