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Address:No. 2, 5th Floor, Building 6, Longbi Industrial Zone, No. 27, Dafa Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China




Argotec was an R&D company founded in the city of Shenzhen, China. We are formed by a team of experts with decades of vast experience in fluid dynamics, advanced automation technologies, applied physics, embedded systems, and smart computing. This enables us to handle many challenges our partners have faced throughout the years.


Our core competences stand in fluid dispensing and automation solutions. Our standard product lines include renowned dispensing valves and dispensing robots. Our valve series is a complete portfolio of dispensing devices, including state of the art piezo-electric and pneumatic jet valves, both configurable to handle many fluid types, our recently launched screw valves for solder paste applications, as well as a wide range for coating and needle valves for about any dispensing needs. Our equipment series include automation machines for various industries. Our wide selection of desktop, offline and inline automation dispensing equipment, plus a wealth of functional modules, can cater for almost all commonly encountered dispensing needs. These are all controlled by our cutting edge intelligent cross-platform software core that is both easy to use yet highly programmable to handle widely differing scenarios.


Besides standard products, we've provided resources and consulting services to our partners in many different field, as well as provided customized solutions in numerous circumstances. We own our clients' challenges, and tackle them like our own. That is how we're able to bring forward innovative solutions to solve many problems in manufacturing processes.